New Members

Did you used to play in band in school, and have a dusty instrument longing to be played again in your basement or closet? Do you want to play in a non-judgmental band where the objective is FUN? This band is for you! Bring your instrument and a music stand to rehearsals, chairs will be provided. Free parking is available outside the Idaho Music Academy. For the location, see our location page. For the rehearsal schedule, please visit the calendar.

Typically we practice Saturday mornings at 8:15 am, with practice ending around 10:00 am at the Idaho Music Academy. These are subject to change based on holidays, availability, etc.

Currently we do charge dues, and for the 2015-2016 season they're $20 a month. If you would like to join and need an exception to dues, you can talk to the Board. Our mission is to get as many people playing as possible!

Contact us to ask about details!